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Cleanse and renew your lash tweezers, they will perform like they are brand new. It's common for tiny bits of adhesive to get stuck to the inner surface of your tweezers. When this happens, tweezers won't work the way they used to. Lash Supply's tweezer cleaner is the most efficient and safest way to renew, reuse, and protect your last tools. 



  • Dip tweezer inside the jar, submerging the tweezer tips for 1-3 seconds
  • Squeeze sponge between tips and then remove tweezer. Pat dry with adhesive wipes or paper towels to remove dissolved adhesive and liquid cleaner.
  • Rinse if liquid cleaner remains. 
  • For larger amounts of dried adhesive, leave the tweezer soaking for a minute or two, removing and wiping dry. 
  • We recommend closing the bottle immediately after use to prevent premature evaporation.


Use on tools ONLY, not on clients. 

tweezer cleaner

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