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Corporate Gift Card Program


  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards have no fees and never expire

  • Free Shipping on all Sally Beauty Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards available in several denominations up to $100

  • Recipients can check their card balance 24 hours a day via our email ACCOUNTS@NYLASHSUPPLY.COM

  • Volume discounts available

  • Choose from various payment options

  • Over 1,000 professional lash, hair removal, and skin supplies available

How to Order

Submit orders to account services at ACCOUNTS@NYLASHSUPPLY.COM

Please call 518-608-6167 to fill out inquiry form

Terms & Conditions​

  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards are labeled with original value.

  • Many denominations are available up to $100.00.

  • Discounts are negotiated by volume.

  • Payment is made at time of order placement.

  • All shipments include a standard packing list.

  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards can be used for multiple purchases until the balance reaches zero. A maximum of four (4) Gift Cards can be used for one transaction.

  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards have no expiration dates and no fees.

  • The purchase of these NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards is for the intended use of corporate incentive and gift giving programs. The use for consumer programs requires prior authorization in writing by NY LASH SUPPLY.

  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards cannot be reissued in another denomination and are not reloadable.

  • NY LASH SUPPLY Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash. There is no cash given back as change when using the Gift Card for purchases.

  • No refunds, credits, or exchanges are possible. Gift Cards should be treated as cash and safeguarded at all times.

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