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Lashes just for him, because the details make the man. Build confidence and enhance his natural look with LBLA Man Lashes.

The first and only lash kit created especially for the men in your life. This kit provides you with all the essentials it takes to create effortless natural-looking lashes. With both soft B curl and C curl mixed length trays, these lashes are a unique natural color blend that walks the perfect line between black, brown, and grey, resulting in a look that keep 'em guessing. These are the perfect lashes for your ultra-natural lash-look clients, too!

Each mix tray includes everything from very short lashes - starting from 5mm - to our most popular length, 12mm.

Marketing Tent Card for your Salon
Man Lash Map
4 Mix Trays: (2) B curl trays, (2) C curl trays
Mermaid JL Tweezers
Aqua Lash Tile
Glue Trays
Invisible Genius
Glue Pins
Under Eye Foam Tape
Adhesive Wipes
Marketing Tent Card for your Salon
Man Lash Map
10 piece Silicone Wands
Use these .10 lashes to create classic sets for a more subtle look, or use them as a 2D volume fan for an ever so slightly thicker look.

For natural-looking lashes on men, we recommend a different kind of mapping.

Instead of drawing a lash map out onto your lower taping, you are going to follow the lengths of the natural lashes. On the outer and inner corners apply lashes that match the length each individual natural, for the first 5-6mm of lash line. Throughout the middle of the lash line choose your length based on the length of each natural lash, extending each by 2 - 3mm. This will ensure that you don't ever get a perfect but will keep the lengths staggered for a natural feel. Use this concept through the rest of the application following the  of the natural lashes. Keeping lashes to minimum lengths on the outer and inner corners of the eye will keep the look from becoming too feminine, as can happen if you place longer lashes on the outer corners. In some circumstances, you may even want to leave extensions off of the very outermost corner lashes, to keep the false lash look even more undetectable.

Man Lash Kit

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