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What You’ll Get

  • Line Up Lash Lift Styling Rods, 5 Pairs, XS - XL
  • Freestyle Lash Lift Styling Rods, 5 Pairs, XS - XL
  • Lash Lift Adhesive
  • Glide On Application Brush
  • Lift Up Lash Pick
  • Clean Press Lash Lift Y Tool, 10 Pack
  • Strengthening Lift Cream, 10 Pack
  • Conditioning Set Cream, 10 Pack
  • Nourishing Lash Pack, 10 Pack
  • Bio Gel Pads, 10 Pairs
  • Lint-Free Microswab Wands, 100 Wands
  • Travel Lash Bath Gel Cleanser
  • Travel Breakdown Makeup Remover
  • Clean Swoop Brush + Dry Stand
  • Cooldown Calming Eye Masks, 5 Pairs
  • Mini Lash Serum

All The Details

Carrying your lash lift supplies never felt so luxe. With our 16-piece kit, you’ll take every step of our signature Lush Lift to go—and look chic doing it.

  • From lash-loving solutions to foolproof styling rods, you’ll find everything you need to prep, style and care for flawless lashes and breathtaking brows
  • The light blue, translucent Lush Lift Kit bag makes it easy to spot your products in a pinch. Throw it on your shoulder, hold it by the handle—anything goes.
  • It’s outfitted with shimmery Borboleta charms for a touch of whimsy

Lush Lift: Silk-infused Lash Lift

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