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"With a dry time between 1 and 2 seconds, this flexible lash extension glue finds it's ideal conditions anywhere between 25% to 60% humidity, meaning you don’t have to panic when conditions change or are less than favorable. Recommended for experienced to advanced lash artists, and for every technique and lash type - from Classic to Volume to Mega Volume. This chameleon of a glue helps your lashes cling to the natural lash until they shed naturally, allowing you to take your retention, and application, to new heights. 

This adhesive works best in humidity between 45%-55% and temperature between 69-72 °F. For low and moderate humidity, incorporate Glue Aid to help speed up dry time. 

Retention - 8 weeks Viscosity - Medium Color - Deep Black Fumes - Minimal Structure - Flexible Dry Time(s): 25-45% Humidity (2 sec), 45-60% Humidity (1 sec), 60%+ Humidity (Immediately; not recommended) Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 30 days ; Unopened bottles: 6 months"

LBLA- Camo- Fast Lash Extension Adhesive 5ml

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