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LBLA has innovated the market again, with our newest adhesive Lash Alchemist. Powered by Smart Bond Technology, our intelligent formula delivers unmatched retention and flexibility, ensuring your fans properly attach to the natural lash and stay in place longer. Engineered for all humidity ranges, instantly oil-proof and water resistant. Lash Alchemist is our most adaptable adhesive for Lash Artists of all skill levels. Enjoy effortless application and the added confidence to create flawless, long lasting sets every time.

  • Up to 10-week extended retention
  • Instantly Oil-Proof & Water-Resistant
  • Universally adaptable to temperature and humidity
    Temperature:  67-77 Fahrenheit / 19 - 25 Celcius
    Humidity: 25%-65%
  • Dry Time: 1-2 seconds
    25-45% Humidity (1-2 sec)
    45-65% Humidity (1-1.5 sec)
      66% Humidity (0.5-1 sec)
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Professional Use Only.
  • Latex & Formaldehyde Free

Lash Alchemist

  • Before each use, shake vigorously for one minute. Burp the bottle and wipe the nozzle after each use. The client's eyes must be closed throughout the application. Ensure proper ventilation in your work area and replace glue drops when needed, usually every 15-30 minutes. This product is intended only for bonding eyelash extensions with natural lashes. Avoid dispensing or shaking glue near the face or hair. The use of an Anti-Allergy Gel is suggested. Patch test highly recommended. Never place adhesive on the skin.

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