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  • 8-hour class includes 4 hours of hands-on instructor-supervised training

  • Learn the theory and science behind eyelash extension products and techniques

  • Discover how to protect the health and safety of your clients

  • Explore the most efficient and effective application techniques to safely and successfully perform lash extensions

  • Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a NY Lash Supply Certificate

  • After-class support is available

In-Person Volume 102

  • Once a Lash Course is booked online a NY Lash Supply representative will reach out to schedule a date & time for the course! For any questions or concerns please email INFO@NYLASHSUPPLY.COM. 

  • Mega Volume Lashing Theory

    Mega Volume Lash Application Methods

    Advanced Eyelash Anatomy and Growth

    Advanced Product and Tool Expertise

    Advanced Tweezer Practices

    Advanced Application Techniques

    Advanced Adhesive Polymerization

    Preparation Before Appointments

    Advanced Reactions and Sensitivities

    Creating the Perfect Fan

    Recommended Fanning Methods

    Proper Hygiene and Safety

    When Not To Lash

    Advanced Lash Styles

    Maintaining Healthy Volume Lashes

    Volume Aftercare Techniques

    Volume Lash Curl, Length, and Diameter

    Mega Volume Lash Fills

    Mega Volume Fan Removal

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