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Your perfect aftercare kit for all things clean! Go GLAM and keep your great lash retention all at the same time. LBLA's Everlasting Eyeliner lets you get BOLD, while Fluff Guard cleans up those lashes from smudging makeup and eyeshadow fall-out. Our famous Bubble Lash Shampoo is accompanied by our Breakup with Your Makeup Mitts and a Mermaid Duo lash cleansing brush to bring your lashes back to their happiest, cleanest, freshest set possible. The perfect gift for clients and lash-wearing friends alike, and a retail must in your shop!

Glam Box Set includes:

Break Up with Your Makeup- Makeup Remover Mitts
Bubble Wash Shampoo
Everlasting Eyeliner
Fluff Guard
Mermaid Duo Brush

Glam Box Set

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