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The curved isolation tweezer has been designed with a slight slant for extra comfort, and reach without straining your wrist while you reach the bases while isolating, especially with smaller tricker lashes.Since this tweezer has a natural curve to it, your wrist doesn't have to bend as much when isolating resulting in the tweezer doing more of the "work" and your wrist feeling more at ease. These tweezers are so versatile because classic artists love the sharp tip for picking up lashes, and volume artists absolutely love them for isolation, you can use them for both isolation and application!

The lightweight of the tweezer and tension will help you release the pressure in your hand and prolong the longevity of your hand muscles! This tweezer really takes the physical and mental exhaustion out of the isolation process for you. This tweezer is a key for all lash artists whether new or experienced it makes lashing that much easier.

LBLA Curved Platinum Isolation Tweezer

$36.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
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