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Camo – Fast Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue – 10ml has a dry time between 1 and 2 seconds, this flexible lash extension glue finds it’s ideal conditions anywhere between 25% to 60% humidity, meaning you do not have to panic when conditions change or are less than favorable.

Recommended for experienced to advanced lash artists, and for every technique and lash type – from Classic to Volume to Mega Volume. This chameleon of a glue helps your lashes cling to the natural lash until they shed naturally, allowing you to take your retention, and application, to new heights.

Camo – Fast Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue – 10ml is recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advance lash artists that work in moderate to high humidity. This adhesive works best in humidity between 45%-55% and temperature between 69-72. For low and moderate humidity, incorporate Glue Aid to help speed up dry time.

Retention – 8 weeks
Viscosity – Medium
Color – Deep Black
Fumes – Minimal
Structure – Flexible
Dry Time(s): 25-45% Humidity (2 sec), 45-60% Humidity (1 sec), 60%+ Humidity (Immediately; not recommended)

Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 30 days ; Unopened bottles: 6 months

Camo - Fast Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue - 10ml

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