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Viscosity- medium 

Dry time- 1-2 seconds

color- black

Retention- 7-8 weeks

Shelf Life: Opened- 45 days, Unopened- 8 months

5mL Quick Grip Lash Adhesive

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    • Fastest drying time – Elite eyelash adhesive, a must-have for seasoned lash extension artists with 2-3 years of experience. Boasting a rapid 1-second drying time, this lash glue ensures a swift and secure attachment with no room for repositioning. Elevate your artistry with this precision-engineered lash adhesive, simplifying the application process for seamless, professional results.
    • Advanced Formula - This eyelash extension glue has been formulated to provide the best performance. When you put it on clean, well-prepped lashes , your lashes can last up to  
    • 7 - 8 weeks. Use it only for single or volume eyelash extensions. Keep it simple and make your lashes look good for a long time with this lash extension glue.
    • High-performance eyelash glue – A fast-drying, clean, and strong lash adhesive that's a game-changer for lash artists. Speed up your workflow, achieve precision, and keep clients coming back for a Ideal, long-lasting look. The go-to choice for makeup lash technicians who demand efficiency without compromising on variety.
    • Sealed package and glue needle - Our fast dry-time eyelash extension glue is thoughtfully packaged with silica gel and includes a red glue needle. This meticulous design aims to preserve maximum freshness and extend the lifespan of the glue after opening. Experience the convenience of a longer-lasting, high-performance lash adhesive with every application.
    • Caution- Use within 8 months when sealed and within 45 days after opening. Strictly for professional use, avoid self-application, cluster, or strip lashes. Elevate your craft with our expertly formulated lash extension glue.
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