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What You’ll Get
One Lash Tray, 16 strips (over 7000 lashes!)

All The Details
Artists love them. Clients ask for them by name. Our faux-mink volume lash extensions tray features a full lineup of lashes in your go-to length. Use it to turn up volume, build dimension, and create custom lash fans your clients will love.

They’re lush, they’re dense, they’re silky and soft—everything you look for in lashes
You can choose your curl level, diameter, and favorite length to create unique lash looks
They look and feel ultra-luxe (but they’re not high-maintenance, promise) thanks to clean tips and a perfect curl that won’t quit
The intensely saturated, rich black shade makes every eye color pop
Our iconic satin-matte finish is not too dull, not too shiny—just right
The foil backing on every lash strip makes it easy to place and remove onto a lash palette without leaving any sticky residue

O.G. Lashes: Volume Single-Length C .03

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