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A last step solution that is designed to be applied only where the adhesive is bonded to the natural lash! Increase your retention by 30% and reduce excess fumes with LBLA Bond/Curing Solution. LBLA Bond is ideal to use on all clients that wear classic, volume, and mega volume. This will be your final step of your set. Professional Use Only.


Our incredible LBLA Bond helps you finish off a set of lashes knowing you have done absolutely everything within your power to give your clients the best retention they've ever had. LBLA Bond instantly eliminates fumes caused by curing adhesive and seals the adhesive to a perfect non-pourous bond.

LBLA Bond is ideal to use on all clients, classic, volume, and mega volume. Wonderful especially for those with sensitivities or slight irritations to curing adhesives by eliminating the source of the fumes, and therefore, the irritation. When using on volume and mega volume fans, make sure you don't saturate the fan, but apply only a small amount with a micro swab to the very base of the extensions, only where the adhesive bonds to the natural eyelash.

Professional Tips

Grab 2 Lint Free Microswabs (one for each eye) and apply a tiny amount of Bond on the area where the extensions are attached. Dab off any excess solutionto paper towel if needed.
Do not saturate volume or mega fan, only apply where the adhesive bonds to the natural lash.
Do not apply on skin.
Wait 2-4 minutes after completed set before applying LBLA Bond.
Do not use Nanomister or Nebulizer at anytime when using LBLA Bond.

For professional use only. Proper licensing and regulations must be met in order to use this professional grade product.
Open items can not be returned or refunded.
DO NOT APPLY ON SKIN. Excessive amounts on the skin may cause solution to enter into eyes and may cause discomfort.
Lashbox LA/LBLA BEAUTY is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of product.
Keep away from heat, children, and pets.
Work in a well ventilated environment.

lbla bond - lash curing solution - 10ml

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